The Facebook Mobile App: Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore It

Facebook Mobile released its user statistics for the 2023 financial year, making it an exciting read. If anyone still has doubts about this social media giant’s tremendous and ongoing success, let me relieve you of them now.

  • Facebook had an average of 2.9 billion users who were active daily as of June 2023.
  • Of those 2.9 billion, 654 million accessed Facebook via the mobile platform.
  • Facebook had an average of 2 billion monthly active users for the same period.
  • 1.07 billion Of those monthly users accessed Facebook via the mobile platform.

To put these figures in perspective, there are currently 7.2 billion people on the planet. Of those 7.2 billion, 5.16 billion have access to the internet. Of those with internet access, we can exclude a further 590 million to take into account countries that have permanently blocked access to Facebook Mobile (China and Iran). This leaves us with a substantially smaller figure of 2.31 billion people who can access Facebook at the time of this article.

When we look at Facebook’s average monthly user figure of 1.32 billion, we can see that this accounts for 57% of the total available market. You might think, ‘Well, that’s quite interesting, but how is it relevant to me?’

Here’s where it gets interesting. On average, of the 2.9 billion monthly users and the 2.000 billion daily users, 80% accessed Facebook using the Facebook mobile app. This means you need to optimize your Facebook content for mobile users. 

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Visual Appeal

Mobile devices are restricted to smaller screen sizes, which can dramatically affect your content. To garner interest and attract click-through, you need to ensure your content is visually appealing. Not only does your content need to attract users’ attention, but it should also be simple and straightforward enough that they don’t need to invest much time understanding your product or service.

Clear Benefit

Make sure that when you create Facebook Mobile Suggested Posts, the benefit to your viewer is made clear. Steer clear of misleading statements and overblown hyperbole. Clearly outline what you can offer the viewer and why they should consider clicking through.

Short and Sweet

Suggested Posts have a copy limit of 90 characters; after this, your text is hidden behind a ‘Continue Reading’ link. Viewers that are unfamiliar with you are unlikely to take the time to click this link. In the best-case scenario, this hidden content is underutilized; worst-case scenario, your post is ignored because it was not brief enough.

Post Click Experience

Viewers who click through your Suggested Post on a mobile platform expect to be greeted with a mobile-optimized website. There is no point in developing an excellent mobile marketing strategy just to let your website disappoint you.

While mobile advertising is reshaping how Facebook users interact with companies online, don’t forget to keep your desktop marketing strategies up to date. For heaps of great resources, check out the other Blog posts on Indian followers


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